Load Haul Dumpers

Rham Equipment have designed and manufactured an improved range of Load Haul Dumpers, from 1m³ to 10.0m³ bucket capacity, models 10,18, 20, 30, 40, 70 and 100HD.

The Load Haul Dumpers are totally enclosed underneath. Nothing needs to be accessed in that area. This is also a particular benefit, as oil leaks onto the footwall are minimized, having a very positive impact on the Environment aspect.

We use Poclain wheel motors as the final drive in out hydrostatic system. Poclain Hydraulics are world leaders in hydraulic technology. These motors were tested at the Gerotek testing ground on a 50% decline and the machine used came from full speed to a stop purely on hydrostatic braking.

The advantage of this braking system is that no single part is exposed to wear, allowing for reduced maintenance and less cost. On the conventional braking systems the life is limited and is measured in hours.

The running cost of a hydrostatic system should be less expensive than a conventional transmission (VIZ prop shafts, axles,side, shafts,torque, converters,transmissions and planetary gears).

Our machines require engine and hydraulic oil only. A conventional machine will have hydraulic oil,transmission oil, engine oil and axle oil. With a hydrostatic system it is possible to change direction while at full speed, without causing damage.

All pivoting points, and even static areas, are fitted with hardened steel bushes. (At no time will the machine frame need welding and line boring). To avoid welding and line boring in other areas, our steering and oscillation sections are bolted to the front and rear frames.

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